New  addition to the company fleet of the equipment

In a new addition to the fleet of  the equipment in the company in Alexandria and EL Dekheilla Terminal, Eight Heavy Forklifts, Linde Type, forty Tons Tonnage, made in England have been started service, Four for each Terminal, so the total number in the two Terminals became Forty two heavy Cranes.

 The new Forklifts are characterized by advanced technology in terms of high maneuver speed and high speed movement, with a modern handling framework (model Elma), which can deal with titled containers.

 The Forklifts are equipped with automatic control system to guarantee all means of safety for containers and people to ensure all security measures to maintain the integrity of the containers and individuals.

 Purchasing of these Forklifts comes through the progress of the development plan made by the company, to increase the efficiency of the Terminal, and its productivity, so as to enhance its competitive position among the neighboring ports, also, in order to provide quality service to satisfy the client, these new Forklifts support the operations in the two Terminals and they can raise the level of performance to meet the increase in the numbers of handling containers at the Terminals.