In a new addition to the fleet of the equipments in the company in Alex &EL Dekheilla terminals, two STS Gantry cranes, Super PostPanamex type, from Liebheur company, were supplied, one for each terminal.

The two cranes cost 120 million Pounds.

The Cranes are characterized by the following specifications:

Specification Alexandria Terminal El-Dekheilla Terminal
Boom length 45m 56m
Maximum height  under handling framework  33m 38m
Tonnage under handling framework 60Ton 60Ton
 Tonnage under hook 70Ton 70Ton

The Cranes uses the latest control system, AC_Drivs,PLC, to control the crane and worker.

Purchasing of these cranes is, in order to reach the maximum rate of handling containers, to enhance the company's competitive position with other companies and satisfy the clients' requirement.

Super Postpanamex